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About Lego Mindstorms NTX Robot Animation

Lego Art

Vectortronic is an animation made with long exposure photography by a custom Lego Mindstorms NTX robot. Vectortronic is an abstract experimental animation in the tradition of Viking Eggeling, Oskar Fischinger, Len Lye, Norman McLaren, Hans Richter, Harry Smith, Robert Breer, and others.

Robot Art

Individual frames of the avant garde animation resemble sketches, drawings, points, lines, patterns, shapes, geometry, angles, oscilloscope, spirograph, random movement, and programmed movement. This fine art short film is photographed with a DSLR set to "bulb" mode for long exposures, with the shutter controlled remotely with a radio transmitter by the Lego Mindstorms NTX robot.

Animation, Documentary, and Stills

Vectortronic is synchronized to "Poke Salad Anne", performed by Gil Trythall on his album Nashville Gold Switched On Moog.